Metal Coils

Transforming coating thickness measurement capabilities for coated coils.

SpecMetrix® ROI technology provides unprecedented absolute coating thickness measurement directly in-line on global coil coating lines. Our breakthrough measurement systems set a new standard for non-contact, real-time paint thickness and coat weight measurements.

We designed our systems to streamline set-up, changeover and coating inspection times. After transitioning to SpecMetrix coating thickness measurement systems, coil plants reduce related coating costs while immediately improving quality and coating process control.

Our flexible system configurations provide real-time data on wet or dry coil coatings on multiple substrates and integrate easily to diverse coil plant control systems, while providing precise data via our intuitive touch-screen interface. Thickness data can be easily exported to all host data acquisition and corporate SPC systems.

Our expanding line of coating thickness measurement solutions measure a wide range of surface finishes on substrates including aluminum, steel, tinplate, galvalume and more.

Precisely measure all kinds of coatings:

  • Primers
  • Base coats
  • Top coats
  • Lacquers
  • Back coats
  • Other pretreatments

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Wide range of use: QA and production applications

  • QA labs and sample testing
  • Technical and R&D centers
  • Pilot lines
  • Coating supplier technical centers
  • QA and claim review analysis
  • Incoming coil inspection
  • Coating and print lines
  • Coil and component suppliers
  • In-process coating measurements