BREAKTHROUGH: SpecMetrix® Systems Now Deliver Real-Time DFT Measurement Data for Coated Coils

Exclusive systems measure primer, clear coats, back coats, and highly pigmented, thicker top coats directly on coil coating lines or in QA labs, with unprecedented accuracy.

See SpecMetrix systems in action. To request the required video password, please see below.

This short video showcases a real-world installation of SpecMetrix systems and how these impactful measurement solutions can help your plant streamline set-up, changeover and inspection times.

  • Precisely measure the broadest range of coil top coats and primers, in-process or offline
  • Provide real-time process data, making immediate adjustments possible to optimize coating application
  • Improve coating QA and process control, with no drilling, radiation or lasers required


See SpecMetrix Systems in Action

Request video access to see SpecMetrix systems in active use at a multi-national coil coating leader.