Finished Production Inspection

A more precise tool for more demanding sample testing.

SpecMetrix systems provide the ultimate assurance that your finished product QA inspection process is reliable and effective. Substandard coating will be detected by our non-contact, non-destructive measurement technology.

Our customers include a number of global companies that use SpecMetrix systems in their QA testing procedures.

Better data offers better protection from customer claims. Because our systems generate ultra-precise data, and because that data is easily stored or exported to SPC systems, it is available to prove quality claims.

Our intuitive software interface makes QA analysis much easier. For example, a drop-down menu can be easily configured to display your company’s coatings; selecting a particular coating instantly loads relevant functionality.

Data can be displayed in different ways. For example, you can generate film weight mapping in 2D or 3D graphs. While our standard options meet a wide variety of needs, we also create custom interfaces.

Data can be stored, printed or converted to corporate SPC use. Whatever your QA review process, SpecMetrix provides the data you need in the format you want.


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