Glud & Marstrand of Denmark Awarded “SpecMetrix Certified’’ Plant Designation

Odense, Denmark – Global metal decorating and packaging solutions leader, Glud & Marstrand, member of The Envases Universales Group, has secured the advanced designation as a SpecMetrix Certified facility. Glud & Marstrand ‘s installation of Sensory Analytics’ award-winning SpecMetrix® In-line coating thickness measurement systems on all coating lines within its state-of-the-art Odense, Denmark facility and completion of certified training for their appointed plant champion and all coating team members qualified them for this select classification. Attainment of “SpecMetrix Certified” plant status confirms the successful transition to a higher level of film weight process control and next generation quality assurance tools.

The company’s exclusive use of SpecMetrix systems affirms Glud & Marstrand’s long-standing commitment to coating quality excellence and the highest film weight process control standards. The plant and their valued customers will benefit from the use of the most advanced film weight control and quality systems available today. SpecMetrix In-line systems are uniquely capable of delivering an unprecedented level of highly accurate, continuous and real-time film weight measurement data for wet or dry coated flat sheets immediately following application, enabling plant teams to make more informed decisions quickly.

According to Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager of SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory, “Glud & Marstrand has been a recognized world leader in global packaging solutions based upon a commitment to innovation and the continuous improvement of their processes and products. As a valued industry supplier for 140 years, we are honored to partner with Glud & Marstrand to enable our industry-leading SpecMetrix film weight control systems to become an integral new addition to their expanding success story.”

Brian Nielsen, CEO, Dan A. Christensen, Vice President Supply Chain and Henrik K. Olsen, Senior Printing Manager of Glud & Marstrand, part of The Envases Universales Group, added, “Innovative and high-quality metal packaging solutions have made Glud & Marstrand a preferred and respected supplier. The high quality of our products is the cornerstone of our business. We ensure high quality through effective quality management by involving Sensory Analytics and their high-impact SpecMetrix systems. We are always striving to improve and optimize the quality of the processes as well as the products while respecting the environment by reducing waste. Because we always want to improve our business and performance, we welcome the opportunity to further enhance our quality performance as the first SpecMetrix Certified facility in Northern Europe.”


Company Contacts:

Devon Edmonson

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Sensory Analytics


Jannie Linette Grandt

Marketing Coordinator

Glud & Marstrand


Martin Dieu

Quality Inspector

Glud & Marstrand