Sensory Analytics Awarded European Patent for Coating Thickness Measurement

Greensboro, NC – Sensory Analytics, the fast-growing supplier of highly precise and award-winning SpecMetrix® coating thickness and film layer measurement systems, announced the issuance of the Company’s latest patent, European Patent No. 2972070. This new patent covers methods and systems for the in-process thickness measurement of thinner coatings or layers on various substrates. The patent extends the Company’s current intellectual property portfolio related to measuring thinner coatings and layers into the EU.

“The addition of this EU patent reflects our ongoing focus on broadening the geography and application range of our SpecMetrix product line and our intellectual property portfolio,” said Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager for SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory Analytics. “We look forward to expanding the breadth of our exclusive SpecMetrix coating thickness solutions within the global coated metal, flexible packaging, automotive, electronics, glass, and industrial manufacturing industries while adding value for our global partners and shareholders.”

Built upon its expanding intellectual property portfolio, Sensory Analytics has launched a series of innovative measurement tools including its exclusive SpecMetrix coil coating measurement systems for primer, pretreatments, clear coats, back coats, and highly pigmented thicker topcoats directly on coil coating lines or in QA labs. All SpecMetrix systems give users accurate, objective, and real-time coating measurement data without any operator interpretation or involvement. With the capability of measuring a broad coating thickness range from 0.2 to 250 microns and a wide variety of materials from transparent to highly pigmented coatings, SpecMetrix systems help manufacturing customers in over 40 countries to reduce costs while streamlining plant QA processes. These patented and exclusive offerings are integrated with proprietary SpecMetrix software to automatically capture and deliver real-time coating and layer thickness data for improved process control and quality assurance.