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The new OEM collaboration between Sensory Analytics and Versatile Technology was featured in the June 2018 issue of The CanMaker magazine. Read our inspection review feature below or click the link to read the full article.

Collaboration for gauge measurement
US-based Sensory Analytics and Australia’s Versatile Technology have collaborated to incorporate the SpecMetrix coating thickness and film weight measurement technology into Versatile’s automatic gauging and interfacing system.

The integration of the SpecMetrix ROI technology into the ACS-T34 automatic beverage can coating thickness gauge is said to enable the automatic gauge to accurately measure wet or dry internal and external coatings for 202-300mm diameter cans at any height without stopping or changeover.

Additionally, the technology includes a V2 embedded microprocessor system, which enables it to perform continuous and highly-accurate 360-degree scanning of coating thickness and film weight measurement data and real-time graphing of wall and overvarnish coating thickness data as well as real-time measurement tests of internal and external coatings. Optional items include sprayer ink dot detection system LSM/ISG recognition, barcode scanner and vTools Software.