Flexible Packaging & Roll-to-Roll Processing

ROI technology revolutionizes real-time coating thickness and film layer measurement.

SpecMetrix® ROI technology delivers absolute measurement of film layers and coating thickness on pilot production lines, flexible piece goods, and laminated webs. Our systems help to improve coating process control in diverse manufacturing processes by streamlining set-up, changeover, inspection times and reducing coating costs.

Traditional measurement tools generate manual coat weights or total package thickness, but these measurements are inherently imprecise and leave room for wide variation in coating and film thickness. This imitation is especially impactful on the production of thinner webs with value-added coating materials.

Our systems are ruggedized to accurately measure thinner coatings and separate layers immediately following coating application in a pilot line or during full R2R web processing. This provides our most cutting-edge customers with a real-time display of continuous data and absolute production data. Companies in the emerging flexible displays, solar films and other technology-based roll-to-roll processing applications use SpecMetrix systems in-process or off line to increase quality assurance and improve production center process control and profitability.

Our non-contact systems precisely measure the wet or dry thickness of thin films and coatings on a wide variety of clear, opaque and printed substrates including films, foils, primed paper and plastics. SpecMetrix tools measure exact coating thickness and film weights on coated webs, flat samples, film packages, monomer films, extrusions and finished film stacks.

Film Layer Thickness Measurement 1

  • Single and dual coatings
  • UV coatings
  • Silicones
  • Barrier coatings
  • Top coats
  • Adhesives
  • Scratch-resistant layers
  • Other performance coatings

Our customers include global leaders in nanotechnology, packaging, aerospace, specialty, solar control, flexible electronics, and transparent conductors. They consistently report more absolute in-process data, with complete ROI within an average of six to nine months.


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Wide range of use: QA and production applications

  • QA labs and sample testing
  • Technical and R&D centers
  • Pilot lines
  • Coating and material suppliers
  • QA and claim review analysis
  • Incoming roll inspection
  • In-process coating measurements