Metal Packaging

The new gold standard for coating thickness and film weight measurement.

SpecMetrix® ROI technology brings unprecedented nanometric precision to the measurement of film weight and coating thickness in the rigid packaging industry.

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Flat Sheet Coating Thickness and Film Weight Measurement Systems Product Video
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Metal Packaging Coating Thickness Measurement 2

After transitioning to SpecMetrix coating measurement systems, companies reduce related coating and coating line set-up costs while improving product coating quality and consistency. Global food and beverage container manufacturers save money and time with reduced QA man-hours and improved spray and roller application processes.


Our expanding line of coating thickness and film weight measurement solutions offer a more accurate non-contact means to measure surface finishes including:

  • Wash coat
  • Inside spray
  • Rim Coats
  • Over-varnish
  • UV coatings
  • Primer
  • Base coats
  • Tab stock
  • Coated end stock
  • Compound coatings
  • Other performance coatings

Metal Packaging Coating Thickness Measurement 3 Our systems reduce HFI, scrap and waste material, thanks to their ability to generate accurate film weight results from the initial coated sheets on new runs. Companies save material and labor costs associated with running product until dry coated products have passed through ovens to be measured. Our customers have reported reduced plant waste streams of up to 75%, while reducing time wasted on off-line capacitance and less accurate hover probe gauging.

Our lab, QA station and ACS systems are in active use at global beverage and food OEMs, who use them as an incoming inspection tool to verify supplier container quality or diagnose potential film weight or coating thickness problems on samples or individual containers. Other food and beverage manufacturers integrate our SpecMetrix in-line measurement systems to directly measure wet coatings on their production lines to get continuous real-time data that streamlines set-up, changeover and inspection times and also reduces coating costs.


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Metal packaging applications

  • Coated end-stock and metal coils
  • Measures widest range of container coatings
  • Closures, ends, caps and tabs
  • Coated flat sheets and base coats
  • Coatings over printed/colored sheets
  • Laminated films to metal substrates
  • 2-PC and 3-PC beverage and food containers
  • Aerosol, specialty containers, sleeves and tubes