Delivering breakthrough automotive coating thickness technology.

SpecMetrix® ROI technology brings unprecedented nanometric precision to the measurement of coating thickness in the automotive industry.

automotive coating thickness 2Quality control of painting processes in automobile manufacturing is becoming increasingly important. Corrosion protection and primer coatings are widely used in the automobile industry and the precise thickness of these coatings is an important quality factor. Improved non-destructive measurement methods are crucial for QA as well as spray and paint process control. Web-based products for use in various automotive applications can also benefit from cost-saving SpecMetrix in-line systems.

After transitioning to SpecMetrix coating measurement systems, companies can expect reduced coating-related costs with improved product coating quality and consistency. Global auto industry manufacturers save money and time with reduced QA man-hours, once more-accurate real-time coating measurement is added to their production process.

Our expanding line of coating thickness measurement solutions offer a more accurate non-contact means to measure protective and decorative automobile coatings including:

  • automotive coating thickness 3Primer
  • Base coat
  • Clear coat
  • Film layers and applied coatings
  • Other performance coatings

SpecMetrix in-process systems or off-line lab units are the most flexible, effective and user-friendly non-contact coating thickness measurement solutions available to the automotive industry today. SpecMetrix systems can be readily integrated onto robotic spray tools to measure either wet or dry coatings immediately following application.


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  • Aluminum
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  • Glass
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