Our Story

For over a decade, Sensory Analytics has been solely focused on acquiring and delivering previously unattainable process control and coating quality data to support global manufacturing leaders. The longstanding limitations with existing measurement methods for coating thickness and film weight process control made us recognize the potential for dramatic improvements.

For example, thickness measurement based on weight—a standard method—does not provide sufficient detail on the application distribution of coatings. A coating that is deemed acceptable by weight measurement could easily have an inconsistent thickness across the substrate surface.

Through years of dedicated development and testing, our company successfully developed a solution for this critical missing piece of process and quality data by developing its exclusive ROI technology and related software, SpecMetrix®.

SpecMetrix systems are available as flexible off-line and ruggedized in-line non-contact coating measurement tools. These patented and proprietary innovations have enabled our SpecMetrix measurement system to be uniquely able to measure nearly all applied wet or dry coatings over the widest variety of substrates and end-products. SpecMetrix measures sub-micron coatings and layers in real time with unprecedented accuracy – at over 150 measurements per second. This tremendous new source of quantifiable process and operational data pays off with demonstrable ROI within an average of less than nine months.

After we brought SpecMetrix to the market, it wasn’t long before it was in use around the world. Manufacturers could see that our technology was a disruptive transformation that delivered quantifiable benefits quickly.

For those who make the transition to SpecMetrix, the ease of implementation and the superior, actionable data offers immediate savings. Manufacturers significantly reduce their production and QA costs, reduce spoilage, increase product quality, improve production yield and reduce their environmental impact.

We have been recognized by trade associations and independent technical juries in three continents for our cutting-edge technology, including the prestigious MetPack Gold Award for Innovation, which is awarded once every three years to visionary companies that will make the highest impact to the global metal packaging industry.

Sensory Analytics is expanding rapidly due to the strong global customer demand for its exclusive SpecMetrix coating thickness measurement systems. We support our global customer base in metal, flexible packaging, aerospace, automotive, electronics and industrial coating markets from our expanding Greensboro, North Carolina technology center and through global sales and support team members in over 40 countries.

Our surging growth is proof that the exclusive solutions our talented team has developed are exactly what global leaders have been missing for their coating and film measurement needs. We invite you to contact us to coordinate complimentary sample testing or to explore where Sensory Analytics and our high-performance SpecMetrix systems may be of greatest benefit to you and your team.

For those who made the transition to SpecMetrix, the ease of implementation and the superior, actionable data produced immediate savings. Our customers reported full ROI within an average of six to nine months.