Integration & OEM

SpecMetrix® systems integrate with ease.

SpecMetrix systems bring non-contact, non-hazardous tools that produce instant, actionable measurement thickness data for wet or dry coatings right to the production line. SpecMetrix systems provide real-time process control and quality assurance to manufacturing and QA teams—saving time, labor and money.

Providing maximum flexibility, SpecMetrix systems are available as standalone units, rack mounted assemblies or integrated to various automation options to best serve plant needs.

SpecMetrix ROI technology is available as OEM equipment for coaters, laminators, coating line, and coil coating equipment suppliers. We have designed our systems to interface quickly and seamlessly. HMI and integrated control options are available in stand-alone or fully integrated configurations. Through global leaders, we can also deliver closed loop integration options for coating control systems.

SpecMetrix data communication packages offer various integration methods. OPC and PLC communications are available through a standard third party interface software with standard tag ID’s. Options available include Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Wonderware and more. Integration methods provide a data exchange interface between SpecMetrix software and the system that allows varying levels of automation from plant process systems to the SpecMetrix system.

SpecMetrix helps to maximize productivity by being readily adaptable for robotic spray measurement or other automated application and test applications. Robotic spray systems combined with highly accurate coating thickness data helps improve the spray and finishing QA process and minimize coating inspection man hours.

SpecMetrix helps improve process control on varied coated products in diverse manufacturing processes. Automated container measurement systems are now available for rapid mechanical automation of container film weight measurement functions. The modular system design is flexible for use within multiple automation, conveying, scanning and process control tools, enabling improved process quality with reduced HFI and spoilage. The resultant thickness data is automatically saved for review and may be uploaded into the plant SPC system as required.

SpecMetrix systems are the most flexible, effective and user-friendly non-contact coating thickness measurement solutions available today.


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