Quality Assurance, Product Inspection & Testing

Instant sample testing data of unprecedented accuracy.

SpecMetrix offline systems bring non-contact, non-destructive film and coating thickness measurement to QA analysis. Global companies in a wide range of industries use our technology as a forensic tool for determining coating or layer thickness defects (for just one example).

SpecMetrix technology transforms sample testing by generating ultra-precise measurement data instantly. Our offline systems offer non-contact and non-destructive film package and coating measurement for actionable QA analysis.

Our systems measure multiple film and adhesive layers on flat samples, a capability no other system offers.

Offline systems allow companies to improve their QA processes quickly, without reconfiguring their production lines to integrate our in-line systems. Once the technology has delivered quantifiable improvements, it is easy to upgrade to an in-line configuration.

Especially useful for:

  • Pilot lines
  • Test facilities
  • High-changeover environments

The system is easily upgraded to an in-line configuration. Our flexible, modular design makes reconfiguration easy, allowing companies to test the technology offline. Once the system has delivered quantifiable improvements and ROI, the move to in-line is a simple upgrade.

Our intuitive software interface makes QA analysis much easier. For example, a drop-down menu can be easily configured to display your company’s coatings; selecting a particular coating instantly loads relevant functionality.

Data can be displayed in different ways. For example, you can generate film weight mapping in 2D or 3D graphs. While our standard options meet a wide variety of needs, we also create custom interfaces.

Data can be stored, printed or converted to corporate SPC use. Whatever your QA review process, SpecMetrix provides the data you need in the format you want.


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