Ultra-precise, layer thickness measurements in real time.

SpecMetrix® systems bring the unmatched precision of the most advanced optical technologies from the lab directly onto the production line. Unlike more limited traditional gauging, SpecMetrix systems provide film thickness measurements down to sub-micron levels. Powered by our proprietary software, our ruggedized systems are built to withstand the rigors of any manufacturing environment, working in-line to deliver continuous, real-time coating and film thickness measurement data for wet or dry coatings or film layers immediately following application.

Our non-contact and non-hazardous systems produce instant, actionable data for a wide range of film and web applications. As a result, SpecMetrix systems provide more valuable real-time process control and quality assurance to manufacturing and QA teams. Operators obtain immediate feedback on coating quality while providing plant management with direct quality results without any operator involvement—saving time, labor and money.

SpecMetrix product lines have become highly recognized quality improvement tools by global industry leaders within the packaging, specialty, solar control, flexible electronics, and transparent conductor markets, who report full ROI in an average of six to nine months.

SpecMetrix systems precisely measure the absolute thickness of thin films and coatings including:

  • Single or dual layers
  • Silicones
  • Adhesives
  • UV hard coats
  • Barrier coatings
  • Top coats
  • Scratch-resistant coatings
  • Other performance coatings

For in-process measurement applications, both fixed probe and scanning system configurations are offered to meet most QA needs. Our cutting-edge fiber-optic probe packages take over 100 measurements per second per probe, at line speeds up to 1800 feet per minute. Customers can select single or multiple fixed probe mounting options to collect thickness data on top and bottom of coated webs.

Single and dual traversing measurement configuration options easily deliver in-process, cross-and-down web QA data and analysis. Plant teams can select whichever pattern is best suited for their production requirements. The ability to provide full side-to-side web coating measurements on the top and bottom of coated webs at thinner coating application levels provides unmatched QA process improvements.

Data is displayed on our user-friendly touch-screen interface. Results can be easily exported to all host data acquisition and corporate SPC systems.

We designed our solutions to help streamline line set-up, changeover and inspection times. SpecMetrix systems provide plants with highly accurate and much-needed coating QA data to reduce waste and product costs while increasing plant profitability.

SpecMetrix in-process systems are the most flexible, effective and user-friendly non-contact coating thickness measurement solutions available today.


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Measures applied coatings on any substrate color or printed web:

  • Foils
  • Primed paper
  • Prints
  • Plastics
  • Films
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